The Favorable Saturn Energy In These 3 Most Zodiac Signs Provides Them Karmic Protection

Among the important aspects of life that Saturn oversees are work, lessons, structure, material rewards, perseverance, delays, limitations, obligations, rules and regulations, fear, control, and denial. There’s a reason astrologers refer to Saturn as “the taskmaster.” Saturn is often involved while we are going through difficult circumstances.

However, if we pay attention to the teachings that Saturn has to offer, we may actually work with the planet to achieve true progress and achievement. This is where the secret to working with Saturn resides.

There would be no permanency or structure in life without Saturn. In the absence of “the taskmaster,” we would lack authority, government, and personal advancement. Saturn forces us to become more mature and to develop self-control and patience.

1. Libra

According to Childress, “Libra is associated with justice, equality, fairness, and diplomacy.” “Libras tend to think twice before taking action that’s less than honourable,” she said, “because they are able to see both sides of the coin.” In Libra, Saturn is regarded as being at its exaltation.

This indicates that it is both extremely powerful and at ease in this sign. For those born under this sign, interacting with Saturn is less difficult than for others. Furthermore, as Saturn is the planet of karma, people who behave badly towards Libra are essentially dealing with Old Man Saturn, who always exacts revenge on those who behave badly, generally during a difficult Saturn transit.

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2. Aquarius

“Although Aquarius is currently ruled by Uranus the sign was traditionally ruled by Daddy Karma himself; Saturn,” Childress says. Since Saturn is a native of Aquarius, most astrologers acknowledge that both Uranus and Saturn dominate this sign. Childress goes on to say that “Aquarius is logical, rational, and intellectual and has the ability to remove emotions from a situation,” just like Saturn.

It takes a lot to enrage an Aquarian; they are far more tolerant than other individuals. However, as Childress notes, “Aquarius is like the teacher’s pet to Saturn, so if you are crossing an Aquarius, beware of some swift karma.” Since you are interacting with both Saturn and Uranus under this sign, karma may come at you.

3. Capricorn

Childress refers to this sign as Saturn’s “golden child,” saying “Saturn rules Capricorn.” When Saturn is in Capricorn, it is said to be at its most powerful or at home base. Saturn is associated with disciplined education in Capricorn, and it takes a very long period for Saturn to exact its karma.

“Capricorn is associated with discipline, responsibility and wisdom,” Childress states, adding that “no weapon formed against Cap shall prosper.” If you mess with Old Man Saturn, he will always come back to haunt you and make sure you get your Saturnine rewards, even if it takes years.

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