Exploring The Most Jealous Zodiac Signs 

As jealousy is a cardinal sin, we will examine the symptoms of jealousy in this book. According to astrological predictions, these zodiac signs are the most envious.

Don’t we all occasionally fall prey to the green-eyed monster? But wait a minute, aren’t some people just naturally jealous than others? As jealousy is a cardinal sin, we will examine the symptoms of jealousy in this book.


Mars rules Scorpio, therefore it makes sense that they rank highest on our list given their tendency towards possessiveness and manipulation when aroused. It’s important to keep them from feeling intimidated. Pluto, also known as Hades, is the current ruler of Scorpio.

As everyone knows, he is the Lord of the Netherworld who kidnapped Persephone, forcing her to live in his shadowy domain. As a cultural allegory, Persephone’s rape illustrates Scorpio’s desire for control and power. An intensely passionate sign that will be faithful and devoted, but for heaven’s sake, never bring up your ex’s name or you’ll have to deal with erratic behaviour or outright abandonment!


Since this is the only sign in the zodiac that is ruled by the Moon, the inhabitants are extremely gloomy and seek out security, comfort, and protection. One should absolutely not indulge in one-night affairs with these natives, since they are not someone to take lightly as a partner. You can injure them without even realising it because of their extreme sensitivity.

Most Jealous Zodiac Signs 
Source: astrologer

Pay attention to what they have to say and express gratitude for their generosity and unwavering support. When it comes to showing them you care, they must know that you respect their advances.

Although Cancerians are the zodiac sign’s perpetual moms, motherhood can occasionally feel oppressive! Get over it if you’re not searching for that kind of commitment. A Cancerian will treat a relationship with the utmost honesty and will expect the same in return.

3. LEO

the sole sign under solar control. It’s noteworthy to notice that two signs—ruled by the Sun and the Moon—are included in this brief list. Leo, just as the Sun must shine. They demand to be the centre of attention, and they won’t accept anything less! Adore a Leo like the queen or king that they are if you want your relationship with them to last.

They always seem to make things about them, which can get annoying at times, but that’s just the way they are. Give them the limelight! Encourage them, stand by them, and give them special treatment.

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