7 Zodiac Signs That Are Always Seen Fighting With Each Other

Couples are inevitably going to argue, whether it’s for practical or astrological reasons. Even though astrological forecasts state that they are destined to be enemies from birth, if both signs meet halfway and work to correct each other’s mistakes, the degree or severity of their conflicts can be reduced or even eliminated.

1. Taurus vs. Aries

Ambition and an unwavering desire to make things right govern both signs. Taureans tend to move slowly and steadily, yet Aries can be impulsive and upbeat people at heart. Their levels of patience simply do not correspond.

2. Aries Vs. Libra

While Libra backs off when they detect a conflict coming, Aries seizes every chance to engage in combat. But Aries makes sure they return to the place of contention so that a satisfying battle can start and finish with style. At this point, it’s the Librans who need to find their assertiveness, even though Aries should learn to calm down.

7 Zodiac Signs That Are Always Seen Fighting With Each Other
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3. Aquarius vs. Cancer

Under their stony exterior, Cancerians are incredibly sensitive and seek emotional stability from their Aquarian partners. Conversely, Aquarius is emotionally detached and engrossed in analytical investigation of emotions, therefore Cancerians do not meet these expectations from Aquarius. Whereas Cancers seek out a strong emotional connection, Aquarius values emotional fortitude in their mates.

4. Leo Vs. Virgo

Both signs have bloated, arrogant heads full of conceit and arrogance. To top it all off, Leos require emotional meltdowns in order to feel more at ease and relaxed, while Virgos do not believe in them. Wherever they go, Leos love to take centre stage, but Virgo puts a hard stop to it. It can therefore become quite traumatic for both parties in this relationship.

5. Sagittarius vs Virgo

Sagittarians act impulsively and with excessive independence in their decisions and deeds. Virgos, who are methodical and like to plan things out long in advance, hate this. Virgos think it’s important to consider all viewpoints before making a decision. Although they share some characteristics, the impetuous attitude of the Sagittarius.

6. Aquarius Vs. Scorpio

It is too intelligent to argue with an Aquarius. However, when a Scorpio gets angry, chaos ensues. Both have a propensity to get into heated arguments and expose their dark aspects to one another. Scorpio is too realistic, and Aquarius is too abstract. Thus, it is rare for these virtues to coexist.

7. Sagittarius vs Capricorn

The most stoic sign in the zodiac, Capricorn, finds himself in a difficult situation with the upbeat, chirpy Sagittarius, who is seeking adventure and dislikes Capricorn’s habitual and predictable demeanour. Surprises are disliked by Capricorns, and when they happen, it can lead to serious arguments between them.

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