Who is Eligible for $800 + $713 Extra OAS Payments?

The Old Age Security Pension (OAS) was established by the Canadian government to give low-income elderly adults and their families financial support in the event of retirement, incapacity, or death. A crucial component of Canada’s retirement income system, this program guarantees seniors 65 years of age and older monthly benefits.

$800 + $713 OAS Payment Dates

Eligible seniors receive a lump sum payment in addition to their regular pension after the hike takes effect. The additional OAS Double Payments of $800 + $713 will be made available in 2024 at a later date. This help will shortly be deposited into the beneficiaries’ bank accounts by the government.

$800 + $713 Extra OAS Payments

You can anticipate receiving this $800 + $713 OAS Double Payments in April 2024. A large number of elderly are awaiting this cash. To find out the status of your payment, you can also visit the official website.

How to apply for $800 + $713 Double OAS Payment?

  • If seniors are ready to receive their OAS pension, they can register on the website. wherein certain documents, such an income statement and an inventory of all assets, are requested to be completed by the applicant online.
  • A few weeks later, the application is submitted; however, it must first be examined and authorized by the authorities.
  • The beneficiary will be eligible to receive their monthly old age security payment once their OAS application has been approved.

Who is Eligible for $800 + $713 Double OAS Payments?

  • You ought to be a Canadian citizen.
  • You became a citizen of Canada ten years after turning eighteen, and you are at least sixty-five years old.
  • If you do not currently live in Canada, you will be regarded as a legal resident of the nation as of that day.

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