Which Is The Best Share At Low Price To Invest For Today?

When seeking out funding possibilities in the stock marketplace, low-priced shares regularly capture the attention of buyers. These stocks, frequently called penny stocks, belong to agencies with lower market capitalizations and can be purchased at quite decrease prices. Despite their affordability, some of those shares offer enormous increase ability, making them appealing to positive types of traders. This article delves into a number of the pleasant low-cost shares to be had nowadays, that specialize in their market capitalizations, returns, and underlying enterprise basics.

Which Is The Best Share At Low Price To Invest For Today

Best Low-Priced Shares to Buy – Highest Market Capitalization

Vodafone Idea Ltd

  • Market Cap: Rs. 87,758.16 crores
  • Monthly Return: -3.08%
  • One-Year Return: 87.94%
  • 52-Week High: 38.87% beneath

Vodafone Idea Ltd is a chief player within the Indian telecommunications enterprise, supplying offerings consisting of mobile telephony, broadband, and agency solutions. The employer gives more than a few services, inclusive of 2G, 3G, and 4G, together with VoLTE technology and integrated value-delivered offerings (VAS) across the state. Despite running in a distinctly aggressive sector, Vodafone Idea makes a speciality of enhancing connectivity and expanding its digital presence to meet the growing call for for statistics services. The employer is dedicated to enhancing patron studies via innovative mobile and digital services, striving for super community coverage and customer service in each urban and rural regions.

Jaiprakash Power Ventures Ltd

  • Market Cap: Rs. 13,775.45 crores
  • Monthly Return: 4.64%
  • One-Year Return: 235.40%
  • 52-Week High: 26.65% below

Jaiprakash Power Ventures Ltd operates in India’s electricity sector, that specialize in hydroelectric and thermal power technology. The corporation manages a couple of energy plants, playing a significant position in India’s electricity production. With a commitment to leveraging technical information for green electricity generation, the company goals to hold sustainability in its operations. Jaiprakash Power Ventures is also expanding its capacity and integrating extra renewable assets into its power mix, contributing to India’s renewable energy targets and ensuring a dependable power deliver.

Jaiprakash Associates Ltd

  • Market Cap: Rs. 4,995.10 crores
  • Monthly Return: -19.61%
  • One-Year Return: 140.14%
  • 52-Week High: 59.24% under

Jaiprakash Associates Ltd is a varied entity worried in engineering, construction, strength, cement, and actual estate sectors. Known for its massive contributions to infrastructure development, the employer undertakes huge-scale creation initiatives which includes expressways, dams, and commercial systems. It additionally operates cement plants, playing a essential function in India’s production region. Jaiprakash Associates continues to focus on improving infrastructural capabilities and riding growth through innovation in its core areas.

Best Low-Priced Shares to Buy Today – One-Year Return


  • Market Cap: Rs. 34.35 crores
  • Monthly Return: 20.17%
  • One-Year Return: 1300.00%
  • 52-Week High: 51.43% beneath

BITS Ltd is an academic offerings company in India, presenting applications in arts, trade, technological know-how, and technical fields via bodily campuses and online platforms. The enterprise additionally engages in company education, presenting customized mastering answers to organizations. With a focal point on holistic training and lifetime learning, BITS Ltd goals to bridge the space between academic education and practical enterprise requirements.

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Blue Chip India Ltd

  • Market Cap: Rs. 19.91 crores
  • Monthly Return: 3.23%
  • One-Year Return: 983.33%
  • 52-Week High: 10.77% below

Blue Chip India Ltd is a financial services company focusing on asset control and securities trading. The business enterprise manages a assorted portfolio, which includes equities, constant earnings, and mutual price range. Committed to turning in sustained growth and fee to customers, Blue Chip India provides economic advisory and planning offerings, helping clients gain long-term economic objectives through meticulous market evaluation and tailored investment techniques.

Empower India Ltd

  • Market Cap: Rs. 325.86 crores
  • Monthly Return: 17.51%
  • One-Year Return: 900.00%
  • 52-Week High: 54.40% below

Empower India Ltd gives advanced technological and infrastructure answers throughout India, specializing in energy management and sustainable infrastructure development. The corporation provides progressive initiatives that decorate strength use performance and reliability. By specializing in renewable strength and smart grid technologies, Empower India aims to revolutionize electricity consumption patterns and support monetary boom thru sustainable practices.

Best Low-Priced Shares to Buy – One-Month Return

DSJ Keep Learning Ltd

  • Market Cap: Rs. 38.98 crores
  • Monthly Return: 133.01%
  • One-Year Return: 53.16%
  • 52-Week High: 17.37% under

DSJ Keep Learning Ltd is devoted to improving academic opportunities across various sectors. The company gives various mastering solutions, which include online publications, expert improvement workshops, and company education applications. By bridging the distance between conventional education and current body of workers needs, DSJ Keep Learning helps lifelong learning and skill enhancement.

Suncity Synthetics Ltd

  • Market Cap: Rs. 5.78 crores
  • Monthly Return: 127.15%
  • One-Year Return: 184.63%
  • 52-Week High: At its 52-week high

Suncity Synthetics Ltd is a longtime player inside the Indian fabric industry, specializing in synthetic fabric utilized in style and industrial programs. The organization focuses on producing tremendous, durable fibers and commits to sustainability by means of integrating green practices in manufacturing strategies. Suncity Synthetics strives to exceed environmental requirements and maintain excellence and innovation in synthetic textiles.

Mercury Trade Links Ltd

  • Market Cap: Rs. 1.9 crores
  • Monthly Return: 121.37%
  • One-Year Return: -75.80%
  • 52-Week High: 313.14% under

Mercury Trade Links Ltd is a various trading employer worried in the import and export of numerous commodities and merchandise. The corporation operates across more than one sectors, along with metals, chemical substances, and agricultural products, facilitating worldwide alternate. Mercury Trade Links leverages global market developments to provide aggressive pricing and reliable supply chains, ensuring green and powerful alternate operations.

Cheapest Shares in India – Highest Day Volume

Rattan India Power Ltd

  • Market Cap: Rs. 4,913.65 crores
  • Monthly Return: 33.33%
  • One-Year Return: 263.49%
  • 52-Week High: 7.42% under

Rattan India Power Ltd is a vast player in India’s power generation zone, specializing in electricity production via thermal and renewable assets. The business enterprise operates brand new electricity plant life and emphasizes sustainable practices. Rattan India Power is expanding its renewable electricity portfolio to assist clean power desires and make certain dependable electricity manufacturing.

GTL Infrastructure Ltd

  • Market Cap: Rs. 2,241.23 crores
  • Monthly Return: -8.57%
  • One-Year Return: 93.75%
  • 52-Week High: 67.74% beneath

GTL Infrastructure Ltd gives telecommunications tower infrastructure services in India, assisting the telecom sector’s growth. The employer owns and operates a significant network of towers, providing shared infrastructure facilities to a couple of telecom operators. GTL Infrastructure makes a speciality of improving connectivity, in particular in underserved regions, and expanding and modernizing its infrastructure.

Zee Media Corporation Ltd

  • Market Cap: Rs. 691.10 crores
  • Monthly Return: 11.76%
  • One-Year Return: 41.14%
  • 52-Week High: 39.16% under

Zee Media Corporation Ltd is a prominent entity in India’s media and enjoyment industry, operating several tv channels and virtual houses. The agency offers news, amusement, and informational content and is part of the bigger Zee Group. Zee Media focuses on delivering extraordinary, enticing content material throughout various platforms and continually seeks to innovate in content delivery.

Best Low-Priced Shares to Buy Today for Long Term – PE Ratio

Brightcom Group Ltd

  • Market Cap: Rs. 2,795.65 crores
  • Monthly Return: -21.15%
  • One-Year Return: -13.42%
  • 52-Week High: 182.56% under

Brightcom Group Ltd is a digital advertising and marketing company that specialize in diverse on line advertising offerings. The business enterprise leverages superior technology and algorithm-based totally structures to deliver focused advertising and marketing solutions. Brightcom Group pursuits to decorate virtual engagement and ROI for advertisers and publishers with the aid of optimizing ad spend and enhancing content material relevance.

Monotype India Ltd

  • Market Cap: Rs. 56.25 crores
  • Monthly Return: 17.39%
  • One-Year Return: 156.25%
  • 52-Week High: 27.71% underneath

Monotype India Ltd focuses on typefaces and era that enable innovative expression and worldwide engagement. The organization offers a large choice of fonts and typographic merchandise critical for branding and content material advent. Monotype India is identified for improvements in typography and affords equipment that empower designers to create stunning, purposeful, and accessible textual content.

GVK Power & Infrastructure Ltd

  • Market Cap: Rs. 1,598.09 crores
  • Monthly Return: – 5.63%
  • One-Year Return: 166.67%
  • 52-Week High:  73.42% beneath

GVK Power & Infrastructure Ltd is a leading infrastructure development company with interests in power generation, airports, roads, and concrete infrastructure. The business enterprise operates several strength plant life and has a massive presence in India’s infrastructure region. GVK focuses on growing sustainable and scalable projects, contributing to India’s economic boom and infrastructure modernization.

Investing in low-cost stocks calls for cautious evaluation and due diligence. While those shares offer substantial increase capability, in addition they come with higher risks because of their inherent volatility and marketplace fluctuations. Investors must assess the company’s basics, market function, and boom prospects before making funding choices. The shares listed above represent a numerous range of industries and have proven sizable returns during the last year, making them profitable considerations for the ones looking to put money into low-cost stocks.

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