Walmart Settlement Update – Payout Amount, Eligibility

Did you buy “weighted goods” or “bagged citrus” at Walmart from October 19, 2018 to January 19, 2024? You might be able to get some money from Walmart’s $45 million offer. You have until June 5th to file a claim, so do it now!

Walmart Settlement Update - Payout Amount, Eligibility

What Is The Walmart Settlement About?

An agreement has been reached that Walmart will pay out $45 million in a class-action lawsuit alleging they overcharged customers for groceries sold by weight. You might qualify for compensation if you bought any food items there within recent years. Act fast since the deadline is approaching quickly!

Who Is Eligible For The Walmart Settlement?

In order to receive funds through this settlement program, there are certain conditions that must be met. Here are the main ones:

  • Place Of Purchase: The purchase should have been made physically at any Walmart store located in the United States or Puerto Rico, including but not limited to neighborhood markets, supercenters, and regular retail outlets.
  • Purchase Duration: Any transactions falling between October 19th 2018 and January 19th 2024 are eligible.
  • Receipts Not Mandatory: It is not compulsory for you to have kept your receipts as proof when applying for compensation although presenting them might increase the amount paid out to you.

Walmart Settlement Update - Payout Amount, Eligibility

Steps To Take When Filing A Claim

If you meet these requirements then follow these steps so as file for your share of what has been offered as settlement monies:

Go To The Official Website: Visit the Walmart Weighted Groceries Settlements website which is designated specifically for this purpose only and can be found at “Walmart Weighted Groceries Settlement”.

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You can get a maximum of $500 which is 2% of the total cost, if you bought weighted items and/or bagged citrus from specified stores within specific dates.

Critical Dates and Final Authorization

The Court will hold a final hearing on June 12, 2024 to decide on the approval of this agreement. This date could change but you can confirm from their official site before the day arrives.

Unknown hitches; Appellate Proceedings

Even if the court approves it, there may be appeals that would slow down finalization. Such appeals are usually unfounded though they can cause delays. However once this is done without any further challenges then payment process shall start immediately therefore people should expect some waiting time as it may take few months after lodging claims before money is credited into their accounts.

You must file your claim before 5th June if you meet the Walmart settlement criteria. It aims at compensating buyers who had purchased weighted goods or bagged citrus fruits at Walmart outlets between October 19th 2018 up to January 19th 2024. Failure to adhere this instruction means one will not be able benefit from over 45 million dollars put aside for payouts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is entitled to receive money under walmart class action lawsuit settlements?

Anyone who shopped for weighted products and/or bagged citrus fruits from any Walmart store situated in USA including Puerto Rico within the stated period qualifies.

Do I need receipts to file a claim?

Although receipts aren’t required when making a claim, having them might boost the amount of compensation you can get.

What is the maximum amount I can receive?

If you have receipts, you may receive up to $500 which is 2% of the total cost of qualified purchases. If not, then $25 is the highest payment for 101 or more items bought.

How will I receive my payment?

Your payment will be sent to you through the method chosen at the time of claim submission – this can be Venmo, Zelle, direct deposit, Mastercard etc.

When is the final approval hearing?

The final approval hearing has been set for June 12, 2024 at 10:00 am. Please verify this date and time on the official site for any changes.

By knowing the terms of the settlement and taking quick action, you can make sure that any money owed to you from the Walmart settlement is received.

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