Verizon Wireless Class Action Lawsuit, Settlement Amount, Claim Form, Deadline

Certain Verizon customers may be eligible for a portion of a $100 million class action settlement. Customers with certain monthly plans offered by the network were purportedly required to pay covert administrative expenses in a “deceptive and unfair manner,” as per the case submitted in the state of New Jersey. The settlement covers customers who were charged between January 1, 2016, and November 8, 2023; affected parties have until April 15, 2024, to file a claim.

Verizon Wireless Class Action Lawsuit
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Verizon Wireless Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Amount

All qualifying clients are eligible to win prizes of up to $100. The overall amount that each client will receive will change based on the length of their relationship. Verizon has refuted any wrongdoing, even considering the payment. Individuals who opt to sue Verizon are not permitted to do so in the future.

According to the settlement website, qualified claimants will get a minimum of $15 for each account, plus an extra $1 for each month they were charged the fees listed in the complaint, up to a maximum of $100.

Verizon Class Action Settlement Claim Form

1. Verify eligibility requirements by visiting, the official settlement website.

2. Get a claim form from the administrator or settlement website by downloading it. Complete the claim form completely, including all required fields (name, contact information, account information, etc.).

3. Provide any necessary supporting paperwork for your claim, such as invoices or receipts. Send in the completed claim form by mail or online via the settlement website by the deadline.

4. After submitting your claim, get confirmation that it was received, and wait for any additional information or updates on the settlement procedure.

5. Keep yourself updated on the settlement’s status and any other actions that may be needed, such as giving further details or showing up at hearings if needed.

Verizon Wireless Class Action Lawsuit Eligibility

1. Assuming authorization and implementation of the settlement, Verizon will make a $100 million payment to a settlement fund.

2. Depending on the number of valid claims they file and the length of their Verizon membership, customers who file claims before the deadline may be able to receive a settlement payment of up to $100 per claim.

3. Qualifying consumers must file a claim by April 15, 2024, via the settlement website or by filling out and mailing the claim form in order to be eligible for a payout.

4. If you do nothing, you will not receive a settlement payment. To be reimbursed, a claim needs to be filed by April 15, 2024. Those who decide not to sue Verizon for these issues forfeit their ability to sue the company as well.

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