Here Are Top 5 Most Negative Zodiac Signs; Check Out Full Details

Although 5 signs of the zodiac are considered negative, this doesn’t always mean that they are harmful. There are zodiac signs that are positive and negative. This describes the energy that each zodiac sign embodies rather than any particular sign’s characteristics (all signs have both good and negative traits).

Top 5 Most Negative Zodiac Signs
Top 5 Most Negative Zodiac Signs

The twelve signs of the zodiac are opposites. The earth signs, Virgo, and Capricorn, are receptive, while the water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, are passive. The water signs are all negative. The positive zodiac signs are more gregarious and expressive, whereas these signs are more likely to be introverted, grounded, and sensitive to external influences.


Although Virgos are usually critical of themselves, during a negative energy cycle, they may also focus their critical gaze on others. Nobody benefits from the hypercritical and violent tendencies of Virgos. They can stop thinking harmful thoughts if they can identify what they’re doing; if not, they can continue and harm not only their relationships but also their self-esteem.


It usually wears Capricorn out and makes them tough to engage with others when they are emitting negative energy. This is because Capricorn lacks the energy to be present for others since they are too preoccupied with their own turmoil and bad emotions.


Cancers have self-directed negative energy and often believe they are unworthy of wonderful things coming into their lives. They question whether they will ever find happiness or success. When a Cancer is radiating negativity, they could be doubting their choices and taking blame for a failed relationship.


Scorpios have extremely strong emotions, and occasionally they struggle to restrain them. It seems like everything can trigger an eruption because their emotions are so raw. Their negative energy is clear by their mood swings and their inability to stay calm when everything is going wrong.


A negative energy cycle in Pisces often makes individuals desire to spend as little time as possible with their loved ones and be by themselves. While spending a lot of time alone yourself isn’t always a terrible thing, it isn’t good for your health.

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