Summer EBT 2024 Deposit Dates: Check Eligibility Criteria & Payout

S-EBT will be a permanent, national initiative that launches in the summer of 2024. It is the outcome of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, a federal statute that was passed in December 2022. It provides additional assistance, such as SNAP, to families with kids to assist with summertime food expenses. S-EBT is not a new program in Connecticut; in fact, we were among the first to pilot it in 2011. S-EBT improves access to wholesome food and reduces food insecurity.

Eligibility Criteria for Summer EBT 2024

  • When children live in households that receive SNAP, they are immediately deemed eligible.
  • Summer EBT does not have any citizenship requirements, and it will not be subject to the public charge rule.
  • The entire household income must be at or below 185% of the federal poverty threshold in order to qualify for Summer EBT.
  • Families will need to certify that their monthly income does not surpass 185% when submitting their applications for Summer EBT.

Summer EBT 2024 Deposit Dates

Summer EBT 2024 Payout

During the summer, families will receive a total of $120 for each qualified child ($40 per month).

  • $120 for one child;
  • $240 for two;
  • $360 for three;
  • $120 for each additional child.

In the same way as SNAP benefits, these can be spent at grocery stores and other retailers who accept EBT.

How S-EBT Card Works?

  • An S-EBT card with SUN Bucks will be mailed to your house or another specified mailing address.
  • Each eligible youngster will receive a new SUN Bucks card from you.
  • The S-EBT card functions similarly to a debit card.
  • Food (apart from prepared or heated items) can be purchased with SUN Bucks at farmers markets, supermarkets, and other establishments that accept CalFresh EBT benefits.
  • After S-EBT benefits are placed onto the card, SUN Bucks must be utilized within 122 days.

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