Singapore CDC Voucher 2024: How to claim your Singapore CDC Vouchers 2024?

As part of the improved Assurance Package announced at Budget 2024, the Singaporean government would give out the first tranche of $300 CDC Vouchers to all Singaporean households in June 2024. Partnership with Community Development Councils (CDCs) is the basis for this effort. The vouchers are distributed evenly among participating supermarkets, hawkers, and local merchants.

Singapore CDC Vouchers 2024 Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible for a $300 CDC voucher in June 2024, you must meet the requirements. The following is a list of prerequisites for a $300 CDC Voucher:

  • A minimum of one Singaporean citizen per household.
  • Candidates need to have active Singpass accounts.
  • Applicants must have a working, registered cell phone number.

Singapore CDC Voucher 2024

How to claim your Singapore CDC Vouchers 2024?

  • Go to, then select CDC Vouchers 2024.
  • Using Singpass, log in. For the benefit of the home, only one person needed to complete this task.
  • Get the link to your CDC Voucher by SMS. Send the SMS to family members so they can share the coupons.

How to spend your CDC Vouchers 2024?

  • Decide which CDC vouchers to apply. Decide how much money to spend.
  • Next, select “Show voucher.” Present the shop workers with the QR code.
  • To finish processing your payment, they will scan it.

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