Detailed Guidance About Sahara Refund Portal

The CRCS Sahara Refund Portal online platform was made to help Sahara Group depositors resubmit their refund claims. You can get to it through and This guide is complete because it takes you step by step through the resubmission process, the criteria for eligibility, documents required and when you can expect your money back.

Detailed Guidance About Sahara Refund Portal

CRCS Sahara Refund Portal

The CRCS Sahara Refund Portal was launched after the Union Minister of Home and Cooperation Amit Shah announced about it on July 18th. The main aim is to assist millions of depositors who have invested their savings in different Sahara Group cooperatives. The portal offers an easy way for these people to get their cash back as well as ensuring transparency and security during the whole exercise; initially each depositor will receive upto Rs 10,000 refund.

Refund eligibility

This is a benefit that is given to people who are members of certain societies; in this case those under Saharayn:

  • Sahara Credit Coop Society Ltd
  • Universal Multipurpose Ltd,
  • Hamara India Credit Cooperative Society Limited
  • Stars multipurpose cooperative society limited

In addition one must also have made a deposit on or before the following dates depending with the society:

22nd March 2022

  • Sahara Credit Coop Society Ltd;
  • Saharayan Universal Multipurpose Ltd;
  • Hamara India Credit Coop Society Ltd.

29th March 2023

  • Stars Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd.

Dates for Re-submitting

  • 100,000 (Rupees): From May 14th 2024 onwards you can begin resubmitting your claims to the Sahara wealth fund refund programme according to this category.
  • 500,000 (Rupees): The resubmission process starts as from May 20th 2024 under this group or amount bracket.
  • Above 500K (Rupees): Appropriate dates will be communicated later for resubmissions in this particular class.

Claim Again Procedures


  • Visit which is the official CRCS Sahara Refund Portal
  • Click on Deposit Registration
  • Enter last 4 digits of your Aadhaar Number and linked mobile number then click Get OTP after which you enter the received code before verifying it.

Login &claim submission:

  • Provide 12 digits Membership No., last 4 of aadhar no., mobile no with & without captcha code etc.,
  • Press “Get OTP” and then enter the received code and proceed according to prompts to give consent through Aadhaar based e-KYC, accept terms & conditions and complete verification of the details in Aadhaar.
  • Submit Claim button should be clicked after entering Certificate of Deposit particulars followed by confirmation alone or jointly with another claimant(s) if any on the same certificate;
  • All entered data needs review prior to confirming so as generate prefilled Claim Request Form;
  • Form must have latest photo pasted at appropriate location besides being signed across it before uploading together with PAN Card Copy (mandatory for claims above Rs. 50,000)

Required Documents

  • Passbook/Deposit Certificate: UPTO 200KB
  • Fully filled in Claim Application form: UP TO 2MB (TWO MEGA BYTES)
  • Pan Card (Mandatory only if the claim amount is 50,000 or more): Maximum file size should not exceed 50 KB (Kilobytes)
  • Contact Details for help or assistance purposes.

If you have any questions about the process or need further guidance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch:

If there are any technical issues or questions that arise during the re-submission process, please contact the toll-free numbers of the society:

  • 0522-6937100
  • 0522-3108400
  • 0522-6931000
  • 08069208210

Timeline for Refund

As per Union Home Minister Amit Shah, refunds will be made within 45 days from the date of successful filing of claim. Here is the schedule:

  • Verification of Application: Sahara group committee will do application verification within 30 days.
  • Notification: Depositors will be informed about their refund status through an SMS or website notification within the next 15 days.
  • Refund Disbursement: The amount refunded will be credited directly to the depositor’s Aadhaar-seeded bank account.

More Information and Help

The CRCS Sahara Refund Portal has an online database of all four societies which allows investors to apply for their refunds conveniently. In case of any inquiries, depositors should get in touch with the relevant Sahara societies:

  • Humara India Credit Cooperative Society
  • Sahara Credit Cooperative Society Limited
  • Saharayan Universal Multipurpose Society Limited
  • Stars Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited

Official Websites

The CRCS Sahara Refund Portal is a major step towards redressal of grievances of depositors with their funds trapped in Sahara Group. It is envisioned that this move will help rebuild trust and confidence in the financial system by providing a secure transparent platform for submission and processing refund claims. All concerned are therefore encouraged to act promptly and make full use of the facilities available on the website so as to ensure smooth expeditious refunds.

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