Kerala SSLC Results 2024: Explore Kerala SSLC Grading System

Kerala SSLC Result 2024: The Kerala SSLC SAY Result 2024 will be made available by the Kerala Pareeksha Bhavan, most likely in the second week of June 2024. Kerala SSLC Result 2024 was announced by the board during a press conference on May 8, 2024, at 3 PM. At 4 PM, the official websites and announced the Kerala 10th result in 2024. For the SSLC result 2024 Kerala, students may visit the official websites, and For them to view the Kerala SSLC 2024 Result, they must provide their registration number and birthdate. On April 3, 2024, the SSLC Exam valuation was underway. Kerala’s Minister of Education announced the Kerala SSLC Results 2024 during a press conference.

Kerala SSLC Result 2024 OUT:

The student’s name, roll number, birth date, grades in various subjects, and other information are listed in the Kerala 10th result 2024. Using their roll number and birthdate, students may get their Kerala SSLC results on the official websites,, and The SSLC examinations were held until March 25, 2024, per Kerala SSLC date 2024. In Kerala, 4,27,105 students took the Kerala SSLC test in 2024.

sslc result 2024 kerala

Kerala SSLC results for 2023 were released by KBPE during a press conference on May 19, 2023, at 3 p.m. Additionally, the state board released the Kerala SSLC Exam Result 2023, accessible on the official website by inputting the school code. In 2023, the total pass rate was 99.70%.

Kerala SSLC Result 2024 Link:

Kerala SSLC SAY Result 2024:

Kerala SSLC SAY the KBPE board will release results in 2024 in June of that year. Students will have access to the official website by using the supplied URL. To improve their performance, students are recommended to rehearse the Kerala SSLC question papers.

Steps to Check Kerala SSLC Result 2024:

Online SSLC/THSLC Exam Results or SSLC Exam Results 2024 Kerala were made available by KBPE. The student must enter the registered number of the Kerala SSLC Admit Card.

Students may access their SSLC result 2024 Kerala by following the instructions below:

  • Go to or to see the official Kerala SSLC result 2024 website.
  • Select the Kerala SSLC result for 2024. Link
  • A window for logging in will show up as a consequence.
  • Put your birthdate and registration number here.
  • Send in details
  • The Kerala SSLC 2024 result will appear on the screen.
  • For future reference, print down or save a screenshot of Kerala’s 10th result for 2024.

How to check Class 10 Result 2024 via SMS

  • Students must type and send a text message to 56263 using the format KERALA10REGISTRATION NUMBER.
  • You will receive an SMS with the SSLC Result 2024 Kerala on your mobile device.
  • For future use, students must keep their Kerala SSLC Result 2024 safe.

Kerala SSLC Result 2024 via Mobile App:

The following mobile app may be used to check Kerala SSLC Result 2024.

  • PRD live
  • Saphalam 2023

Kerala SSLC Result 2024 Date and Time:

Kerala SSLC Exams March 2024
SSLC result in 2024 date Kerala May 8, 2024, 3 PM
Re-evaluated/Rechecked Result date June 2024*
Supplementary Exam Dates July 2024*
Kerala Supplementary Result Date July 2024*

Kerala SSLC Exam Result 2024 School-wise:

By following the instructions below, students may access their Kerala SSLC 2024 result by school by entering the school code:

  • Go to, the website.
  • Click the Kerala School-wise SSLC result for 2024. Link
  • In the next box, enter the school code and click “Submit.”
  • A list of the pupils’ SSLC scores will appear on the screen.
  • Locate the name of a student in the list to see their grades.

Details Required in Kerala Board SSLC Result 2024:

Students must verify that the information on their SSLC Kerala result 2024 card is accurate; if not, they must notify the authorities of any inconsistency. The following information is included in the Kerala SSLC Result 2024:

  • Name of the student, Registration Number, and School
  • Date of Birth
  • Subject-wise, Gender-scored, Total Marks
  • List of Subjects with names and codes
  • Status qualifying: Obtain or Drop

Kerala SSLC Result 2024: Symbols utilized

EHS Eligible for Higher Studies (Passed)
NHS Not Eligible for Higher Studies
RAL Result Announced Later

Kerala SSLC Grading System:

Students should use the following table to understand the Kerala SSLC Result 2024 grading scheme:

90 – 100 A+
80 – 89 A
70 – 79 B+
60 – 69 B
50 – 59 C+
40 – 49 C
30 – 39 D+
20 – 29 D
Less than 20 E

Kerala SSLC Result 2024: Re-evaluation

In June 2024, Kerala Pareeksha Bhavan will release the Kerala SSLC revaluation results. Students dissatisfied with their Kerala SSLC results may request a photocopy of their answer sheets or a reevaluation of their results. They must submit their applications online. Additionally, students must pay the cost and provide the necessary documentation for their applications to be submitted successfully.

During this procedure, the grades of the students are confirmed, and it is made sure that each answer receives a justifiable mark. The reevaluation of the SSLC result 2024 Kerala is scheduled for June 204. The marks may be raised, lowered, or stay the same following the release of the Kerala SSLC re-evaluation results.

  • Revaluation costs INR 400 for each paper; photocopies cost INR 200.
  • 50 INR for examination

Kerala SSLC result 2024 Statistics:

  • 99.69% of candidates passed the SSLC in Kerala overall in the 2024 results.
  • 4,27,153 pupils showed up for the Kerala SSLC 2024 results
  • How many pupils received an A+? Seventy-one thousand eight hundred thirty-one pupils received a total A plus.
  • SSLC Pass rate for those with hearing impairments is 100%.
  • THSLC Pass rate for those with hearing impairments is 100%.
  • One hundred eighteen private pupils took the SSLC test.
  • Sixty students took the AHSLC (arts) test.
  • Kerala SSLC Result 2024: No single school achieved a 100% pass rate.
  • Public schools: 1139 unassisted schools – 443 aided schools: 892
  • The most number of pupils to appear in Malappuram Edarikode School
  • Two thousand four hundred seventy-four schools achieved a 100% pass rate.
  • Seventy-one thousand eight hundred thirty-one individuals in all received an A+ on the matriculation examinations.
  • Online reevaluation, rechecking, and photocopying of answer papers will start on May 9 and end on May 15, 2024.
  • Let’s say the test is scheduled for May 28–June 6, 2024 (save a year).
  • Students may take up to three courses in the SAY test.
  • The SSLC marklist will be given during the first week of June, and one class will begin on June 24 in Kerala. Additional applications can be submitted between May 16 and May 25, 2024.
  • 277 of the 285 students who took the test in Lakshadweep are qualified for further study. In six Lakshadweep schools, the pass rate is 100%.
  • The revenue district of Kottayam has the highest pass rate (99.69).
  • The district with the lowest pass rate (99.08) is Trivandrum.
  • The official website is now accessible.

Plus One Admission in Kerala 2024:

  • Navigate to the website and select the “Click for Higher Secondary Admission” link.
  • Click the “Public” link to apply online.
  • Get the user guide by downloading it.
  • Observe the guidelines provided therein.

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