CRA Benefits Payment for May 2024: All about different benefits & Payment Date

Through the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), the Canadian government provides financial support to its citizens in the form of benefits and credits. The Canada Revenue Agency provides a range of welfare services and benefits to citizens of Canada.

The type of benefit will determine whether the payment is made on a monthly or quarterly basis. Taxpayers receive the majority of CRA payments. A portion of these payments are made on a quarterly or monthly basis.

The CPP, OAS, CAIP, Ontario Trillium Benefits, and several more benefits will be included in the CRA Benefits in May 2024.

Canada Pension Plan 2024

The CPP, or Canada Pension Plan, is a social insurance scheme that offers retirement, disability, or death benefits. It is supported by payments from self-employed people, employers, and workers and provides a monthly benefit that partially replaces pre-retirement income.

CRA Benefits Payment for May 2024

Old Age Security Benefit 2024

The OAS payment is made to persons who are 65 years of age or older in order to provide them with financial support. The compensation amount has been raised to $68500 per month, and after the age of 75, citizens are eligible for an additional payment. The payment is made on a monthly basis and will be paid on May 29, 2024, which is the same date as the CPP.

GST/HST Tax Credit 2024

Those who filed income tax returns will receive the GST/HST Credit 2024, which is a reduction in tax to lessen the burden of the amount owed. The payment is made on the fifth day of each quarter, beginning in January and continuing for three months until October.

Climate Action Initiative Payment 2024

The CCR amount will be determined by the province in which you now reside. The supplement is raised by 10% for base 2023 in May 2024 for the rural provinces. Conversely, the supplement for the base year 2023 is raised by 20% for the urban provinces. The payment requirements are unaffected by the income threshold. Every individual will receive a carbon rebate, regardless of their financial level.

CRA Benefits May 2024 Payment Dates

The dates could alter if the relevant website issues an official notice. The schemes’ dates are as follows:

  • CCB Payment Dates 2024 Is May 17th 2024
  • GST/HST: Four quarterly instalments are required to be paid i.e. January 5, 2024, April 5, 2024, July 5, 2024, Octand ober 4, 2024
  • Climate action incentive payment, or CCR for short. The times are as follows: The dates of January 15, 2024, April 15, 2024, July 15, 2024, and October 15, 2024


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