CMAT 2024 Admit Card: Know Steps to Download Hall Ticket, the National Testing Agency’s (NTA) official website, now has a link to get the CMAT admission card 2024. Registered applicants can get their CMAT to admit card 2024 by providing the necessary login information, including their application number and birthdate. CMAT 2024 is set for tomorrow, May 15, 2024. By reading this post, learn how to get the CMAT admit card and the details in the CMAT hall ticket 2024.

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CMAT Admit Card 2024:

It is anticipated that over 70,000 applicants will take the CMAT MBA admission exam. The authority notifies the city of the allotment of the CMAT exam in advance before the publication of the admission card. The CMAT city slip has not been issued by NTA this year.

The CMAT 2024 exam admission card contains information about the CMAT exam, including the exam center, date and time, CMAT exam timings and reporting time, CMAT test-day recommendations, and other applicant personal data required for identification. The Common Management Admission Test (CMAT) admission card contains guidelines that candidates must carefully read and rigorously follow on exam day.

For verification purposes, it is required to bring the CMAT exam admission card 2024 to the testing location together with one current photo ID evidence. A day before the exam, candidates are advised to verify the location of the designated test center and print two or three copies of their CMAT hall pass.

CMAT Admit Card:

How do you download the CMAT Admit Card 2024?

Candidates can use the procedures below to download the CMAT hall ticket for 2024.

Step 1: Visit the website to access the official NTA CMAT.

Step 2: The application number and password: CMAT 2024 applicants must use their registration and birthdays to log in.

Step 3: Select the “Submit” option to view the candidate’s information on the screen. Click on the “CMAT admit card download 2024” tab after swiping down to see the option.

Step 4: Verify every detail on the CMAT 2024 admission card, then print a copy for your records.

Release Date and Time:

The table below allows candidates to view the date of the CMAT admission card and other forthcoming exam-related activities.

CMAT Events CMAT Dates
CMAT admit card release date May 6, 2024
CMAT exam admit card 2024 release time at 9:20 pm
CMAT exam date 2024 May 15, 2024
CMAT exam time 2024
  • Shift 1- 09:00 A.M. to 12 Noon
  • Shift Time 2- 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM
CMAT exam admit card 2024 status OUT
Credentials required to download CMAT exam admit card 2024 Application number and date of birth
CMAT admit card 2024 download link on the website

This year, the official CMAT 2024 website was altered by the authorities. The CMAT 2024 official web pages are now at Candidates may get their CMAT 2024 admission card using their CMAT application number and password.

By going to, the official CMAT 2024 website, students may get their NTA CMAT 2024 admission card. The CMAT 2024 admit card link will be available on the webpage for candidates to click. The official CMAT 2024 admit card download link is available to candidates here.

Qualifications Needed:

On May 6, NTA made the CMAT admission card download 2024 link active on, the organization’s official website. Using their legitimate CMAT registration number and password, applicants can obtain their CMAT 2024 admission card. Candidates can regain their CMAT login credentials by logging into the “Forgot Password/ID” area if they have forgotten them.

CMAT Admit Card 2024: Forgot Password?

You can take the following action if you can’t remember your CMAT password:

  • Check out CMAT’s official webpage.
  • Click “Click here” to access the log-in page.
  • Click the link labeled “Forgot Your Password.”
  • Then choose “Retrieve via security question or link sent to email.”.
  • Applicants must respond to the security question they previously chose while completing the CMAT 2024 application form.
  • The registered email address will get a link to reset the password, which has to be clicked.
  • An applicant can now set a new password.

Forgot Application Number:

A candidate can use the NTA feature to recover their CMAT application number if they lose it. Candidates will follow the procedures listed to get their CMAT application number.

  • Go to the “Find CMAT application number” link on the official CMAT website.
  • Candidates must now provide their name, date of birth, mother’s, father’s, and security PIN.
  • The “Get application number” tab should be clicked.

Specifics Stated on the 2024 CMAT Exam Admit Card:

Candidates are advised to confirm that the following information is included on the CMAT admit card after downloading the 2024 test admission card. Candidates need to get in touch with the exam conducting authority right away if they make a mistake.

  • Date of the CMAT test in 2024
  • Exam date for CMAT 2024
  • Exam shift and reporting times for CMAT 2024
  • Location and address of the CMAT test center
  • Name and birthdate of the candidate
  • Exam day guidelines for CMAT 2024
  • Category & Gender
  • CMAT enrollment and roll number
  • The signature and photo of the candidate
  • PwD status of the candidate Address of the candidate with PIN

Have Errors in CMAT 2024 Admit Card?

After downloading, applicants are recommended to verify that the CMAT 2024 admit card accurately includes the following information.

  • The candidate’s name must match the one on the CMAT 2024 application.
  • The CMAT exam’s 2024 date, time, and location must be accurate.
  • The candidate’s picture must be readable and clear on the CMAT admission card.
  • The application form’s CMAT registration and application number must match.

Important Exam Day Guidelines

  • The same photo that was used for registration must be brought with applicants on the day of the CMAT 2024 exam. Candidates may bring an alternative photo if they do not have the same one, but it must not show them wearing goggles or a cap. When taking a shot on a white backdrop, the subject’s entire face (without a mask) should not be covered. If glasses are worn regularly, they are acceptable.
  • Upon entering the CMAT 2024 testing facility and continuing until departure, candidates must adhere to the social distancing guidelines.
  • To the CMAT exam location, candidates must carry a triple-layered face mask, gloves, a clear water bottle, and hand sanitizer.
  • Applicants exhibiting COVID-19-related symptoms won’t be permitted to enter the test room.
  • Using a thermogun, candidates’ body temperatures will be taken at admission.
  • When they arrive for the exam, candidates must present the exam invigilator with their self-declaration, which is connected to their CMAT admission card.
  • It’s forbidden to smoke, chew gutka, sit, and do other things.

Common Problems With Downloading:

Nevertheless, obtaining the CMAT 2024 admit card only requires simple actions. Yet, certain contenders might deal with the following fundamental problems:

  • Slow internet – You should have a decent internet connection when downloading the CMAT 2024 admission card. The CMAT 2024 admission card file requires decent resolution and may be more extensive.
  • Incorrect login credentials – The relevant credentials must be typed in the designated fields. Candidates that fail to download the CMAT hall ticket 2024 because they submit the incorrect CMAT credentials. Candidates cannot download their CMAT 2024 admission card; their registration is incomplete. It will indicate that they have either failed to upload the required papers or have not paid the application cost.

CMAT Admit Card Release Date:

CMAT exam date CMAT admit card release date The gap between the release of the admit card
May 4, 2023 May 1, 2023 Three days
April 9, 2022 April 6, 2022 Three days
March 31, 2021 March 24, 2021 Seven days
January 28, 2020 December 24, 2019 35 days
January 28, 2019 January 7, 2019 21 days
January 20, 2018 January 12, 2018 Eight days
January 28, 2017 January 16, 2017 12 days

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