AISH Payment Dates 2024: Check your Eligibility Criteria & Application Process

The AISH was introduced by the provincial government of Alberta. The program’s name, advise, indicates that its goal is to give severely disabled people a reliable source of income.

The AISH program was developed to help persons who, because of a mental, physical, or cognitive impairment, are unable to support themselves or their families through paid employment. You recall that AISH is in charge of advocating on behalf of individuals with disabilities.

AISH Payment 2024 Eligibility Criteria 

  • In order to be eligible for an Old Age Security pension, you must be at least eighteen years old.
  • You have to be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada and an Albertan.
  • You are not permitted to be a resident of an Alberta Hospital-style mental health facility or a correctional facility at this time.
  • You have to suffer from a serious, probably irreversible medical ailment.
  • Your inability to make a living must be primarily caused by this medical issue, not by other variables like your educational background.
  • When assessing eligibility, AISH takes into account both your spouse’s or partner’s assets and income.
  • Although there isn’t a specific income threshold, the total market value of your assets cannot be more than $100,000.

AISH Payment Dates 2024

AISH Payment Dates 2024

Payments for AISH are usually distributed on the first of the month. Payments are made on the final working day of the month prior, but, if the first falls on a weekend or holiday.

May 28, 2024 is when the June payment is expected to be received. Although checks can be received by check, they must arrive by three extra business days after the payment date. Direct bank deposits are the usual method of payment receipt.

AISH Payment 2024 Application Process

  • You must first confirm your eligibility before beginning to fill out the form.
  • You must first go to the following website: Next, you click the “Apply for AISH online” button.
  • After that, a new page with several fields to fill in will open in front of you.
  • In addition to needing to check a few boxes, this contains your date of birth, citizenship and immigration status, and present location.
  • Next, press the “Save and Continue” button.
  • Applicants must check their applications after entering all the necessary information, double-checking all the data, and then clicking the submit button.

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