$312 Monthly Raise In SSI In Year 2024: Overview, Eligibility Requirements, And Payment Schedule

Among the many Social Security payment plans, one of the most significant federal programs in the United States is called Supplemental Security Income. It offers additional financial assistance to low-income people, senior citizens, people who are blind, and people who are disabled in some other way.

$312 Monthly Raise In SSI In Year 2024
$312 Monthly Raise In SSI In Year 2024; Source- MARCA

The major goal of the $312 monthly increase in SSI in 2024 is to help eligible US people meet their basic necessities, such as clothing, food, shelter, and medication.


Those without sufficient income to pay for their essential expenses can apply for SSI payments by completing an application. You can apply if you meet the requirements for receiving these benefits under the SSI payment program, which is a very low income.

The federal government of the United States of America has recently stated that it will be providing additional income support, which qualified persons can now receive. In 2024, those US citizens who meet the eligibility requirements for SSI benefits will get an additional $312 in benefits.

When filing an application, everyone who meets the requirements to receive these payments must also be sure to update their bank information. The administration always starts the payment process by direct deposit.The amount of the monthly SSI payment is determined in large part by the standard of living, other Positions, and the verifiable gross income.

Therefore, in order to receive these payments, qualified individuals must meet the eligibility conditions listed on the federal government’s official website, www.ssa.gov, in order to be eligible for financial aid.

Eligibility Requirements

  • All candidates must be at least 65 years old and be either permanent residents or citizens of the United States of America in order to be eligible for the amount.
  • Adult applicants alone who meet these requirements will be eligible to receive the advantages of this payment program; they must also be parents and have incomes that do not exceed the federal limit.
  • In the event that a person is making money in any way, expenses shouldn’t go over the $2000 cap.
  • If a person’s handicap prevents them from working, they will receive SSI benefits, which will shield the applicants by providing many benefits.

Payment Schedule

Months SSI Payment Schedule 2024
June 31st May 2024
July 1st July 2024
August 1st August 2024
September 30th August 2024
October 1st October 2024
November 1st November 2024
December 29th November 2024

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