$1,312 Stimulus Checks: Check Eligibility, Benefits & Payment Date

The Alaska Revenue Department has declared that this month will mark the beginning of the program’s benefits for individuals who have not yet received the payment of this check by February 2024. After verifying their eligibility, all eligible citizens who wish to apply for this program can claim this reward.

The $1312 check that was given out on March 21 has helped a lot of people pay their basic expenses. By meeting their basic requirements, Alaskans can enhance their quality of life with the aid of this program.

Eligibility Check for $1,312 Stimulus Checks

  • People who meet the requirements of the permanent dividend fund and are permanent residents of Alaska are eligible for this payment
  • In addition, candidates must have a spotless criminal history and not have had any stimulus checks before applying for this PFD.
  • This guarantees that the fund helps people who satisfy the requirements and are most in need.

Commissioner Adam Crum emphasized that the 2023 PFD is expected to have a $1 billion positive economic impact on Alaska, directly benefiting the state’s citizens. Due to their high cost of living, Alaskans especially need this injection.

$1,312 Stimulus Checks

Steps to Apply Online For Money

  • To apply for the stimulus check, go to the official website at
  • The Alaska Department of Revenue states that a myAlaska username is necessary.
  • The moment you receive your myAlaska username, you must first log into myPFD.
  • You have the option to file electronically, which is beneficial for you.
  • You can also submit an online request for a direct deposit.
  • You must sign online and update your address if it has changed. Make sure your application for a PFD is accurate.

Benefits of PFD Check 2024

The Alaska Revenue Department made the decision to give these people financial support in the form of stimulus checks Benefits of PFD Check 2024.

The payout ensures people’s financial security and keeps their lives bearable even in difficult situations.

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