We invite you to share your research in one or more of the topics provided below.




Intercalation batteries; Solar energy harvesting; Perovskite-based photovoltaics; Thermoelectric materials; Hydrogen energy storage materials; Fuel cells.


Nanomaterials for drug delivery, drug targeting and gene delivery; Bioimaging; biomaterials for medical implants; Nanomaterials toxicity and immunogenicity; Theranostic nanotechnologies; Regenerative medicine; Tissue engineering.


Liquid crystals; colloidal soft matter and emulsions; self-assembled soft matter; rheology in soft matter; biomimetic materials; polymers.


Optical sensors; Chemosensors; Electrochemical sensors; Nanofluidic sensors; Biosensors; Point of care diagnostics.


Water, soil, and air pollution; remediation techniques; weather analysis and prediction; environmental geophysics.


Growth, characterization, fabrication, and device integration of 2D materials, Graphene, Functionalized Graphene, 2D materials beyond graphene.


Growth and Characterization of Quantum Materials, Quantum sensing and applications, Quantum materials for electronics, photonics and spintronics, Theory of Quantum Materials.


Resistive memory-based memristors; artificial synapses and neurons; flexible displays; High-temperature electronic materials.


Terahertz science and technology, Semiconductor Optoelectronics, Dielectric and plasmonic metasurfaces and their applications, Topological Photonics; Lightweight, high absorbance materials and composites for EMI shielding, Quantum Optics.


Magnetism and superconductivity; spintronics; topological insulators; magnetic memory


Characterization of surfaces; interfaces and thin films; Interface engineering for molecular and organic electronics; Coatings for aerospace/space applications; heterogeneous catalysis; electrocatalysis and photocatalysis.


Semiconductor Devices, MEMS and NEMS, CMOS Device Fabrication & Characterization.